Taya Chase Radman, Owner and Founder of Indigo Mediation

Helping people has always been a passion of mine.  I'm happiest when I feel like I'm "making a difference".  

I spent 20+ years in Corporate America;  I started my career as a software developer and "climbed the corporate ladder".  While I enjoyed working with individuals and teams, I eventually realized that I wasn't fulfilled by the Executive Level roles that I held.  I needed something more,  something that fed my soul.  

I searched for years for the answer and, long story short, I finally found that answer I was looking for: Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) (for me, this meant Mediation and Conflict Coaching).  

I have been in ADR for almost 3 years - I have mediated with Court Mediation Services in Denver, BBB and Small Claims Court in Colorado Springs and am thrilled to have my own business in this space!


About indigo

Our Mission

To find everyone's inner peacemaker.

Our Vision

World peace.  One conversation at a time.

Integrity, Fairness, Impartiality

Indigo Mediation was built on the foundation of serving the community with integrity, fairness and impartiality.   We would love to talk to you about your Mediation or Conflict Coaching needs.

Taya Chase Radman


Indigo Mediation Owner, Mediator and Conflict Coach, animal lover, National Park enthusiast,  Colorado transplant, former IT/Operations Exec.

All Are Welcome Here


These times can be uncertain.  Know that everyone is welcome here.

Let's Find Your Inner Peacemaker