Conflict is a Part of Life.

Conflict is a part of life.  Sometimes it's manageable and other times it can be completely overwhelming.  It can impact how we feel about ourselves, our families, friends, co-workers, etc.


It can affect our sleep and general well-being.  

Sometimes we need a little help navigating through the conflict in our lives.  

That's where Conflict Coaching may help!

Why Conflict Coaching May Be Right for You.

While Mediation involves two or more parties meeting with a Mediator, Conflict Coaching is a 1-on-1 meeting between the Conflict Coach and the person interested in getting help understanding and managing the conflict in their life.

Conflict Coaching is More Intimate.

Because Conflict Coaching is 1-on-1, it may be easier for the individual experiencing conflict to open up and share details of their life.  The Coach is there to support and help the individual explore ways to ease the conflict in their life.


How does this work?  The individual seeking coaching services will be required to sign a contract, prepay for sessions  and fill out an Intake Form to describe the problem they are seeking help with.  Then, they will take a conflict assessment, using an online tool, which will help identify how they deal with conflict in their life.  Once these are complete, the first coaching session will be scheduled!

How many sessions will it take to resolve the issue?  The number of sessions will completely vary, depending on the complexity of the issue(s), timeliness on action item follow-up, etc.  The timing of sessions will be at your pace.

Is there a minimum number of sessions?  Yes.  In order for coaching to be effective, we recommend a minimum of 4 one-hour sessions.  We offer, free of charge, a 15 minute consult to discuss if Conflict Coaching is right for you. 

Will the Coach provide a solution for me?  No.  The Coach is there help you work through your conflict so you can come up with a solution that's right for you.  They will ask you thought provoking (and sometimes hard) questions, do reality testing with you (is your solution realistic?  does it require cooperation from another individual, etc.) and will likely give you action items to follow-up on between  sessions.