Is Mediation Right For Me?

Whether you're seeking mediation due to a court order, or you simply need help working through an issue that you are having with another individual, Indigo Mediation is here to help.


Mediation is the process of meeting with an impartial 3rd party (the Mediator), in a private setting, to facilitate communication between people in dispute (the parties), ultimately striving to have them work together to reach a resolution.  

Mediation works best when all parties involved are willing to actively listen to each other and work together, with the help of the Mediator, to seek to find a solution to their dispute that everyone can "live with".  


What's discussed in mediation stays in mediation.  During mediation, the parties are encouraged to openly share the details of their dispute without fear that the details discussed will be used against each other outside of the mediation process.


Mediation is an alternative to going to Court.  In mediation, the parties can be as creative as they want to be in coming up with a resolution to their dispute.  Studies have shown that people reach an agreement in mediation are more likely to follow-thru on their commitments to one another.  In court, the control of the outcome is no longer in the hands of the parties; the Judge or the Magistrate is the ultimate decision maker.


The cost of mediation is much more economical than going through the court system; going to court can cost thousands to tens of thousands of dollars, depending on the nature of the case.  And remember, in mediation the parties are the decision makers; in court, the Judge or Magistrate is the decision maker.


Will the Mediator make a decision for us or force us into a decision?  

Absolutely not.  Whether or not you resolve your dispute in mediation is 100% up to you.  If you reach an agreement, it will be one that all parties involved can agree to and it will be in your words.

Will the Mediator help us with legal advice?  

No.  The Mediator's role is to facilitate communication between the parties.  If you are able to reach an agreement, all parties are advised to have the settlement agreement independently reviewed by an Attorney before signing/executing the agreement.

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